The wisdom of your crowd, in four easy steps.


Easily create & join vibes

People join vibes based on their location by going to, by using a direct link or scanning a QR code.


Ask questions in a click

Inside a vibe, everyone's screens are in sync: questions appear automatically as they are asked.


Simple voting interface

Based on the type of question asked, everyone in the vibe will see a beautiful interface to input their answer.


Beautiful shareable results

Once people have voted, they'll see results appear live. Share visualisations of those results on Twitter & Facebook.

Frequently asked questions

Click a question to toggle answer. Feel free to get in touch if you have other questions.

How does instavibe work?

An organiser creates a vibe. People join the vibe based on their location or using a link to the vibe. The organiser asks questions in the vibe. People see the questions, answer and results appear in real-time. All participants see the most recent question asked by the organiser.

How do people find vibes?

The easiest way is if people just navigate to, they'll see your vibe if they're within a 50 metres of you. Each vibe also has a direct URL you can share by email, on social networks or by showing the embedded QR code.

Do I need to create an account?

No. You don't have to create an account, you can just go ahead and create a vibe.

Which types of questions can I ask?

There are three types of questions you can ask: (1) Yes - No, (2) Rating and (3) Number. Results for Yes - No questions will show how many people voted for yes or no. For Rating and Number questions, you'll get the average rating or number. Try it out, it's really impressive to see group averages unravel in real-time.

Why can't I input my question?

instavibe was built for live settings where you're communicating with the group anyway: whether it's a conference, a meeting or a videoconference, you can ask the questions out loud. We don't think you should waste time typing them out.

Which devices are supported?

All modern browsers are supported. We've tested instavibe on the latest versions of the most popular mobile operating systems (iOS and Android). If you run into any issues, please get in touch so we can expand support to more devices.

Why can't participants navigate questions?

instavibe wasn't built for surveys, it's really tailored for live settings where you want everyone's opinion on a question right there and then. And given questions aren't spelled out, there's no point in being able to vote on past questions people don't even know are about.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

No, you can pulse audiences of thousands. instavibe was designed to scale.

Can I share results?

Sure! Inside a vibe, just click on "Share Results" and you'll see a history of all questions asked. You can download an image of each question's results and share them on Twitter and Facebook. If you do the latter, an image of the results will be embedded automatically if you include the link to the results in your post.

Can I create private vibes?

You currently can't create private vibes. We are planning password-protected and hidden vibes. Please get in touch if it's something you'd like to beta test. Because vibes are listed based on users' location, there is some element of privacy.

Is instavibe free to use?

Yes. We'll be releasing premium features in the future, but all current features will always remain free. If you'd like to know more about what we have planned, reach out to us. We're building the fastest and easiest way to collect the opinion of live audiences.

Why did you build instavibe?

Collecting a group's opinion is still much too cumbersome, and therefore doesn't happen nearly as often as it should. Whether it's protest movements who need a quick way to aggregate collective preferences, or a conference organiser who wants to pulse his audience, they should be able to set this up in seconds. The widespread adoption of mobile devices and the maturing of real-time technologies now make this possible.

Why the name instavibe?

A vibe is the "atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others". We want you to be able capture this vibe instantly. Plus we host our app on where ".be" is the top level domain for Belgium, where our team is from.

Who created instavibe?

You can read more about our team here. We have backgrounds in grass-roots deliberative democracy, online voting and event organisation.

Team & Contact

If you'd like to discuss instavibe or send in your feedback, please reach out to us.

Jonathan Van Parys @jonvanparys · co-founder, design + code
Jonathan led the web-unit of the G1000, a large grassroots deliberative democracy experiment. He is CEO of data analytics startup Additionly.

Olivier de Marneffe @odemarne · co-founder, code + design
Olivier worked on verifiable online voting in a cryptography research group. He also contributed to the open source Helios Voting project, and is CTO of data analytics startup Additionly.

Patrick Demaret @patrickdemaret · the marketer
Patrick has organised events and conferences with world-renowned speakers all around the globe. He is also Marketer at SAS. He loves advocating for #DoGood & #data4d and sharing music discoveries.

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